Friday, January 22, 2010

Berita Terbaru & Penting daripada Syarikat

After long waiting for the HEALTH MINISTRY approval, finally on the last report of the year, FED NONI ENZYME has been granted MAL (MAL09122045TC) Official notification can be downloaded here (Item No 21)
- 21 Jan 2010 -.
Recent batch of NONI Enzyme encountered spoilt incidents and company has take immediate measures of shipping additional 10000 sealed bottles (new packing) which were initially intended to be shipped before CNY. All BSY partners please bear with us for another 1-2 weeks for the reaching of this replacement items. Please explain this situation to all your customers. Apology for incovenience caused.
- 20 Jan 2010 -.
- Due to recent spoilt enzyme batches encounter, the auto maintenance products claim will be initiate once replacement module done for the batches-
Products Auto Sending will be initiated from 20th January 2010 onwards. After 20th January 2010, no fax/email/sms need to be sent to company for product delivery request and redemption. All Stockists are requested to update their actual FULL and COMPLETE delivery address in the ADDRESS column from member's system. If member address is selected for CONSIGNMENT MEMBER'S ADD column, please do remember to state the member's contact phone number after stated the member address in the CONSIGNMENT MEMBER'S ADD column so that logistic and courier company can have the contact information should any receipiant issue arises.
- 04 Jan 2010 -.
The recent change in label for BSY NONI JUICE received by some of the members are purely for Kementerian Kesihatan KKM status application matter. Previously named BSY NONI ENZYME, KKM application was bounced due to the intended category to be tested will be in 'pharmaceutical', and for this category, the test and approval method will be different and will take a extra long time, and not wish by company. Therefore, new label is printed for this purpose only. Rest assured that the content and quality of the product remain the same as previous labelled differently. Again, come on, i think our consumer will be more well aware of the quality and not determine a quality of product just by a label name which can be printed easily in any name,right?
- 29 Nov 2009 -.
Due to recent transfer of port service from Klang Port to Penang port for ease of product transfer to our PENANG HQ, the required documents and verification process has cause the delay of product delivery. Do rest assured that once the initial verification is completed, the transferring of product will be at ease in future. Please bear with us, and we will do our best to speed up the whole delivery process
- 18 Nov 2009 -.

We are now IFANCA HALAL approved. IFANCA is a renowned leading Halal-food certification organization in North America. Its Halal certification is the determination of world class HALAL standard and helps Muslims in choosing their foods, assured that what they are buying is Halal without doubt! This is indeed an amazing news for distributors who had been waiting for the certification for their Muslim market expansion. Feel pleased to download the certificates HERE (in both JPEG and PDF version).The availability of the certification can be search via website with these dedicated HALAL certification number. | 25/03/09
BSY NONI Black Hair Magic [4 897003 000158]
BSY NONI Enzyme (10ml/50ml) [4 897003 000159]

FDA Registration | Approval
BSY products has been undergoing FDA certification approval process, and we are proud that the BSY factory has been FDA registered, for which the products going through the packing procedure will be going through process of lab test and certified FREE from harmful ingredients during processing. The certificate of registration can be download HERE
This registration will enable products of BSY to be certified FDA approval within period of 1 month | 18/03/09

Authorization of Bank Account Amendments
For distributors who intend to get their bank account info change to their immediate family members(for example: wife), please follow below steps in order to get the approval, in order to prevent mischief behaviours which had been happened before
A) Please fill up the enclosed acc. authorization form for download HERE
B) Hand in to the office/send in by courier/fax in(045380503) the completed filled form TOGETHER with the photocopy of IC (Front and back at the same page) of the b-swan account owner (with owner signature and mobile phone contact)
C) We will complete the necessary formal verification process (including calling the acc. owner etc) and once all verification has resulted positive, we will amend the bank account record in the following week. Please be reminded that B-Swan Account will NEVER be able for REAL NAME CHANGE for security purpose. | MODIFIED 24/03/09

Trip Awards
Company Visiting cum Award trip details have been finalized. Trip date will be set on 3rd April - 7th April 2009 (5 days 4 nights). There will be 47 leaders in this trip celebrating the triumph of victory for Mr. Murthy and My Yoga who will be awarded car/cum cash. Congratulations for the rest of the awardees who have won camera, notebooks, and others awards See you in Macao and Guangzhou!! | 20-03-09
Attention: Maybank Account Distributor
For distributor who registered Maybank account as the bonus bank-in account, please do take note that from this week onwards, their account will only be banked in bonus once a month, and charged RM5 for each bank-in. This is due to stricter Maybank verification imposed and complicated process required for both area verification in monetary transfer. Therefore distributors are encouraged to change their registered bank account to a CIMB account to enjoy the weekly bonus payment. To do this, log in your own b-swan account and send message to the admin by addressing CIMB Account Number, Valid Name/Acc and indication of CIMB bank as the bank name.| 04-03-09
Server Upgrading in Progress server is under upgrading process for the coming 1 week plus(04/03/09 - 11/03/09) (adding new servers) to cope the overwhelming increase in registration over the last month . During these period, distributors will encounter response problem during sign-ups and thus are encourage to sign up and apply ewallet before 6pm to avoid major interruption in registration and application. Company is committed to complete this yearly upgrading process soonest and in least affect to all the distributors.| 03-03-09
Apply eWallet
Attn: Stockist: Please apply emoney through sms by following designated forma to prevent any delay in approval:
Applied ewallet USDXXX DATE TIME"
- All 'X" stands for numbers | 11-02-09

New Original Packing Soon
To protect all our loyal customer's interest, and preventing them from cheated with market's imitation/fake products, company has invested on crystal bottle and hologram label for 50ml packing. New batches shall reach soon. Please disseminate this info to all your client | 09-11-09

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Kempen Promosi Hujung Minggu

Pengedar kami, En. Syukor akan menjalankan kempen promosi produk dan  peluang perniagaan BSY pada setiap hujung minggu di lokasi berikut;

1. Pasar Tani Taman Sri Batang Kali - Setiap hari ahad

2. Tapak Jualan BSN Kuala Kubu Bharu - Setiap petang Ahad.

3. Uptown Damansara - Setiap Sabtu Malam 

Sempena kempen promosi ini, hadiah berupa produk terpilih menanti 5 pengunjung terawal.*

Sebarang pertanyaan dan persoalan berkenaan produk, bisnes dan promosi ini sila hubungi En. Syukor di talian 012-3342582.

*Terma dan Syarat.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010



Tajuk di atas adalah tagline atau shout utk yahoo messenger saya.
Drp tagline tersebut, mendapat beberapa respon. Antaranya soalan berikut;

Soalan: sila terangkan tentang iklan di status tu.. hehehe.. modal tuk ape kah

Inilah Jawapannya:

khairil halim: Ini adalah peluang bisnes yang boleh dijalankan secara part time, dalam masa2 terluang. 2 atau 3 jam sehari dah cukup. Modal yang diperlukan adalah RM750 untuk memperolehi pendapatan maksima Rm1800 sehari.

khairil halim: Modal RM750.00 adalah harga produk yang akan dijadikan barang niaga.

khairil halim: dengan Modal RM750.00 anda akan diberi 25 botol enzim noni atau 5 kotak syampu atau campuran keduanya.

khairil halim: Apa yang perlu dibuat, hanya promosikan atau kenalkan produk ini pada kenalan2 anda.

khairil halim: Produk amat berkesan dengan pelbagai testimoni hebat. lihat

khairil halim: Produk hebat dengan harga yang murah adalah satu kombinasi yang akan memudahkan jualan.
Tambahan satu lagi keistimewaannya iaitu pendapatan yang lumayan. Maka ini adalah satu peluang pendapatan tambahan yang amat baik.

Tuan2 para pengedar boleh gunakan pelbagai kaedah promosi online seperti ini untuk menarik pelanggan.
Selamat Mencuba dan Selamat Berjaya.

Video Testimoni

SETIAP PENYAKIT ADA PENAWARNYA...TEL SEKARANG 012-5695085 012-3342582 ..SELAMAT DATANG KE LAMAN WEB BLOG INI..Produk ini disahkan Halal & boleh digunakan tanpa was-was

Memperkenalkan Enzim Noni

Enzim Noni/Mengkudu 10ml: 1 botol - RM 40 + RM10 untuk penghantaran poslaju. Jika anda beli 5 botol anda akan dapat diskaun 25% iaitu pada harga RM150 sahaja. 5 botol - RM 150 sahaja + RM10 untuk Poslaju. masukkan ke akaun bank Nama: Khairil Anuar Bin Abdul Halim MAYBANK : XXXXXXXX (sila hubungi) CIMBBank : xxxxxxxxxx (sila hubungi)

Penyelidikan Terhadap Keberkesanan Noni

Hasil penyelidikan yang dijalankan oleh 50 doktor terhadap 10,000 pesakit, didapati NONI mempunyai peratus penyembuhan melebihi 80%. Dibawah adalah keputusan penyelidikan tersebut:

Masalah Kesihatan



Penyakit Barah



Penyakit Jantung















Darah Tinggi



Masalah Tidur



Tekanan (Stress)






Masalah Pencernaan



Masalah Pernafasan






Gangguan Fungsi Otak



Rasa Kurang Selesa



Penyakit Buah Pinggang



Cara Menggunakan Noni

  • Gunakan 2 kali sehari semasa bangun pagi dan semasa hendak tidur.
  • Jangan gosok gigi dahulu. Ubat gigi mengandungi bahan yang boleh merosakkan enzime Noni, Gosok gigi salepas menggunakan Noni
  • Terus minum segelas air suam @ air bertapis. Air liur semasa bangun pagi adalah enzime yang paling baik jika di gunakan dengan Noni adalah lebih berkesan.
  • Ambil Noni 2 titik atau lebih, titik noni DIBAWAH LIDAH.
  • Kemam atau kebam selama 3-4 minit biarkan Noni meresap melalui saluran darah dibawah lidah terus kedalam darah.
  • Telan sikit-sikit Noni sehingga habis.
  • Minum segelas air lagi.
  • Ulangi perkara yang sama semasa hendak tidur.

Perhatian: Selepas menggunakan Noni jarakkan masa 2 jam barulah boleh makan/minum kopi, nescape, teh atau sebarang ubat klinik/hospital (Jika anda sedang menggunakan ubat klinik/hospital, teruskan pengambilan seperti biasa).

Jenis Penyakit dan Tindakbalas Pemulihan

Anda mungkin mengalami tindakbalas pemulihan untuk beberapa hari.

Tindakbalas pemulihan ini adalah PROSES MEMBUANG TOKSIK-TOKSIK yang menjadi punca penyakit. Tindakbalas ini akan beransur-ansur berkurangan setelah toksik dikeluarkan.

Lihat testimoni-testimoni didalam laman ini banyak menyatakan tentang tindakbalas pemulihan, yang mana bergantung dengan tahap toksin di dalam tubuh badan orang yang mengambil NONI.

  • Tekanan darah tinggi :
    Leher terasa tegang, belakang kepala bahagian atas terasa sakit & tegang, sakit kepala (berlaku selama 2-10 hari).
  • Tekanan darah rendah :
    Tegang leher bawah, kepala terasa pening memusing.
  • Buasir :
    Berak berdarah.
  • Kencing manis :
    Paras gula meningkat dalam seminggu, tangan & kaki menjadi bengkak sedikit, keadaan akan berkurangan dalam seminggu, keadaan penyakit akan beransur-ansur pulih.
  • Sakit puan :
    Cairan putih keluar semakin banyak, haid tidak stabil.
  • Sakit sendi, sengal, pirai :
    Sendi rasa sakit, badan jadi panas.
  • Reumatisme :
    Bertambah sakit untuk beberapa lama sebelum hilang sakitnya.
  • Sakit jantung :
    Merangsang degupan jantung menjadi cepat, rasa sakit dada, muka menjadi merah selama 2-4 hari, kebas dilengan atas tangan kiri.
  • Lumpuh :
    Rasa sakit dibahagian saluran darah yang tersumbat, sakit & pening kepala.
  • Ulser :
    Seram sejuk, perut rasa pedih, berlaku cirit-birit atau sembelit.
  • Asma, penat/lelah :
    bertambah tenat selama 2-3 hari. Kadangkala muntah, keluar kahak.
  • Batu karang :
    Bertambah sakit, air kencing berkapur, kencing berdarah.
  • Jerawat:
    Jerawat keluar lebih banyak kerana keracunan yang terkumpul disingkirkan.\
  • Sakit buah pinggang/ginjal :
    Kerap buang air kecil, sakit dibahagian pinggang, muka, kaki & tangan bengkak sedikit.
  • Badan berasid tinggi :
    Selalu berasa mengantuk, badan menjadi panas, rasa dahaga, kerap kentut, air kencing berwarna perang.
  • Hepatitis A,B & C :
    Tanda-tanda akan terus berkurangan, semangat pulih kembali & semakin berselera.
  • Neurosis (sakit jiwa ringan) :
    Senang tidur selepas 2 minggu, rasa segar selepas bangun tidur, perasaan tenang.
  • Insomnia :
    (Sukar tidur malam)Di peringkat awal sakit/tegang kepala.
  • Resdung :
    Hidung menjadi semakin sebu selama 3-7 hari. Berkesan selepas 2 minggu, badan agak panas.
  • Anemia (kurang darah) :
    Keluar darah dari hidung, pening kepala.
  • Mandul:
    Keluar banyak darah haid berwarna hitam, sperma lelaki bertambah.
  • Psoriasis :
    Keluar lebih banyak.
  • Kaki busuk (hongkong foot) :
    Demam, mula berkesan selepas 1-2 bulan.
  • Sawan (penyakit tarik) :
    Menjadi bertambah teruk.
  • Kulit sensitif :
    Tidak balas menjadi semakin teruk selama seminggu. Kulit pecah-pecah & keluar air bisa, (nanah, darah kotor yang berbau busuk).
  • Luka dalaman :
    Sengal & sakit bahagian yang luka, rasa panas di bahagian yang sakit. Kadang-kadang kencing berdarah & berwarna perang.
  • Selepas pembedahan :
    Rasa sakit dibahagian yang dibedah.
  • Meroyan (selepas bersalin) :
    Mengantuk, badan rasa sakit, darah nifas keluar habis-habisan.
  • Selsema :
    Bersin & hingus akan bertambah.
  • Sembelit :
    Sakit ketika buang air besar.
  • Gastrik :
    Seram sejuk, perut pedih, berlaku cirit-birit atau sembelit.
  • Gout :
    Sendi menjadi sakit & terasa panas.
  • Sakit kuning :
    Badan lebih panas, meloya, air kencing berwarna keruh.